I thought I would move my blog one last time!  I promise.  Ha ha!

I ate this delicious wrap before heading over to the neighbors party yesterday after noon.  I had made some bean and veggies the night before so I threw it in a flatout and called it lunch.

I ate with a side of hummus and carrots.  I was hoping this would help me not snack so much at the party.  FAIL! 

I was ok with that and tried to move forward the best I could when I got home.

I decided to whip a batch of these:

Have you tried these yet?  Oh how I love these.  I tossed in on a salad tonight.  Here is the recipe at Angela site  for these delicious burgers.  I like to make a batch and throw them in the freezer they are great to lunch or dinner when I am crunch for time or just lost on what to have. 

I also made these:


I saw these on Oh She Glows blog and I definately had make them tonight.  Oh they are SO good.  Hubby even likes these.  This isn’t the last time I will be making these.  They do takes some time to make but SO worth it.  Thanks Angela for another great recipe. 

On the weekend I love being in my kitchen making new things and this weekend was no different.  I made these:

I saw these on love veggies and yoga  I had one of these as a late evening snack.  So yummy and sweet!  I look forward to enjoying and makes these quite often to keep in the freezer.  Let me know if you give them a try.

I am off now to make some breakfast.  I am thinking pancakes.  Will be back later to share.